You wrote a thesis about "phthalocyanine, metal-free phthalocyanine, metallophthalocyanines, bisphthalocyanines, naphthalocyanines, porphyrazines, subphthalocyanines, superphthalocyanines, tetrabenzoporphyrin, tetraazaporphyrin, tetrabenzotetraazaporphyrin, azaporphyrin"?
Please check, if your work is referenced in the Journal of Phthalocyanine Theses: list.
If not, please send me some information about it.

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* publications, posters & lectures: overview
* phthalocyanine single-crystal structures: review; the ultimate overview on single-crystal structures of phthalocyanines and related macrocycles.
* subphthalocyanine single-crystal structures: review; a small review on single-crystal structures of subphthalocyanines.

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