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The review consists of several sections. First, a discussion of the molecular and crystal structures of phthalocyanine and related complexes followed by a database section. The latter contains several Appendices; in Appendices 1-6, basic crystallographic data of all known phthalocyanine and phthalocyanine-related structures are compiled; Appendix 7 is a cross-reference table where structures and structure codes are arranged by central atoms; Appendices 8 and 9 are cross-reference tables of structure codes and chemical structures.
Drawings of all molecular structures are compiled in Appendices 10-23 and the atomic coordinates of several structures, not included in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD, v5.23: April 2002), can be found in Appendices 24-41.

Single-Crystal Structures of Phthalocyanine Complexes and Related Macrocycles.
Michael Klaus Engel, in "The Porphyrin Handbook", (Eds. Karl M. Kadish, Kevin M. Smith and Roger Guilard), Volume 20 (Phthalocyanines: Structural Characterization), 2003, 1-246

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p.236 Appendix 41 missing acknowledgement: "Reproduced with permission from the master thesis of T. Idehara262, personal communication Kuninobu Kasuga.263"
p.238 Reference 155: "University of Kyoto" should read "Kyoto University"
p.240 Reference 309: "Mizuguchi, J. Z. Kristallogr.-NCS 2002, 217, 255." should read "Mizuguchi, J. Z. Kristallogr.-NCS 2002, 217, 251."
p.242 Reference 451: "Bench, B. A.; et al. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 2002, 41, 748." should read "Bench, B. A.; et al. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 2002, 41, 747."

Additional Structures
E.V.Kudrik, E.M.Bauer, C.Ercolani, A.Chiesi-Villa, C.Rizzoli, A.Gaberkorn, P.A.Stuzhin, Mendeleev Commun. 2001 45

  • [H2{SN2}{(AmO)2Bz}3PA (Norphthalocyanine): P21/c; a= 17.314,1 b= 19.122,2 c= 17.794,1 beta= 103.07,1
  • [H2{SeN2}{(AmO)2Bz}3PA (Norphthalocyanine): P21/c; a= 17.305,2 b= 19.084,3 c= 17.882,2 beta= 102.90,2
    C.Brunmair, Dissertation, Technische Universitaet, 1997, K.Eichinger, C.Brunmair, M.Z.Bucher, Z.Naturforsch. 1998 53 637
  • [Ni{2,3Py5iPr}4PA]x4[Eu(fod)3]

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